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We enthusiastically invite you

to ignite the movement

that is revolutionizing

the lives of young women

across the nation

and around the globe.


The VOICE ... of Girls Nite In International

Founder & CEO, Jimmelynn Rice:


I believe that I have been given A VOICE - Words to articulate the pain, turmoil and conflict churning inside this generation! Words - they themselves - cannot articulate and needs they cannot yet express... whether internal conflict or external struggle.

I feel a deep passion and strong call on my life to mentor this generation. A compelling desire to point them to True Help and Hope! I have grown weary watching too many girls self-destruct and spiral into the clutches of darkness.

I sense that I have been given discernment and insight to compassionately address the struggle and pain that is causing them to derail into self-destructive behavior, and an ability to define and articulate the compelling force of the negative cultural influence surrounding them - luring them down a dark path.

There is a way out! There is hope! There are answers - and I am called to share them!


real girls. real need. real hope.